Mentoring with a Purpose

Now that Spring is here, we’re seeing all kinds of transformations at Forward Foundation. The leaves are green, the flowers are blooming and butterflies are emerging from their cocoons.

You’re emerging too. One of the most beautiful moments at Forward Foundation is when a parent completes the Program. You’ve grown as a person and a parent, regained a stable financial situation and completed all of the required workshops. You’ve come so far, and your journey doesn’t end at graduation.

Once you graduate, we’d be honored if you would choose to be a Mentor. You’ll always be a part of the family and we hope you’ll continue to be involved with our “catch up” meetings, volunteer opportunities and any of our “get togethers” you want to attend. One of the most meaningful ways you can give back to Forward Foundation is by being a Mentor.

This relationship with another parent can mean the world to them. It’s a hug, words of encouragement, listening in silence, finding ways to laugh when you want to cry or going for a walk. Many times it’s phone conversations, meeting for coffee, texting silly or motivational pictures and quotes, getting together for fun outings alone or with the children for play dates. It’s about holding a safe space for someone in their time of need without any judgment.

Being able to share your personal experiences with the other families is so empowering. You’ll look back and see the resilience and strength you had when you were feeling so low. Your confidence soars as you realize that your wisdom can encourage parents that are still in the middle of their journey.

Will you be a Mentor? Will you be exactly what someone needs by being just who you are – strong, persevering, persistent and full of purpose.