The Best Gift You Can Give This Year – A Community of Support

It’s the holiday season. You’re making lists of gifts to give and experiences to have. You’re catching up with friends and family for coffee and meals. You’re taking the time to slow down and really talk to people you haven’t seen in a while.

Maybe the stress of gift-giving is causing a little more anxiety than you’d like. Ok maybe it’s causing a lot more. There’s something priceless and selfless you can give to another single parent: your experience.

Only you know what it is like to be a single parent during the holidays.

Figuring out how to split up the time and make the most of the precious time you have with your children means there could be some unwanted alone time.

Check in with those parents. The gift of Community can mean a world of difference to the well-being of a single parent.

That’s what makes the Forward Foundation Community so different. We’re constantly in awe of the deep relationships our parents form through shared experiences and vulnerability.

Every time a parent in the program feels stronger and more secure about their future, the Forward Foundation is making a difference.

Our goal is to support, educate and empower more single parents in 2023 than ever before, and we need your help. Share your story. Share the Forward Foundation with people, organizations and companies.

Your willingness to be there for each other is a gift. You might be the very gift someone needs this season.

Happy Holidays,
Your Forward Foundation Family

Andrea, Mary, Soliél
Jamie, David, Pam, Tim, Bo and Micah