Welcoming Dads to the Forward Foundation Family

Nearly 19 million American children are being raised by single parents — that’s moms and dads. In fact, 3.23 million children are living with single fathers in America, and that number is increasing every day.

That’s why we’ve expanded to support working, single parents and their children. We are excited about putting together programming geared specifically to the challenges faced by single fathers.

Having a safe place to be vulnerable, understood and supported by others going through similar circumstances is crucial not only to a dad’s mental wellbeing, but to their children as well.

Because when the parent feels supported, they can better support the needs of their children.

We welcomed our first group of dads to the Forward Foundation family at our Axes and Allies event at The Virginia Axe Company. You’ll see more Forward Foundation programs providing single dads with community support and resources geared specifically towards their challenges.

If you know a dad facing the challenges of single parenthood, let him know that he’s not alone. Reach out to us at info@forwardfoundationva.org for more information on our new programs for single fathers.