What I’m Thankful For

The holidays are a time for reflection. This year, the Forward Foundation Team is thankful for so many things. Most of all, you, our Forward Foundation parents. We asked our new Operations Coordinator, Soliél Lindsey, to share what she’s thankful for this holiday season.

‘Tis the season where we reflect on the year and what we’re grateful for. As we approach Thanksgiving, I want to take time to share some personal reflections.

Just like so many of you reading, I am still recovering in my own way from the COVID-19 pandemic and its lingering effects. During this process, it’s been vital to keep my focus on positive things and not so much on the many changes I’ve endured.

Simply put, I am thankful for my family – both God given and created. My immediate and extended family have come together in a way that really makes me proud. I particularly love the increased family video chats and “just checking on you” calls. My framily (friends turned family) have also been incredible during this time. Where one may be in need, the other picks up and vice versa. It’s been wonderful to feel and watch the community in action!

I believe we can conquer a lot with love and family. That’s a reminder I’ve been getting over the last few weeks and wanted to share with you. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and I hope this helps you reflect on your own gratitude.

Happy Holidays!