New Chapter of Empowerment: The Junior League of Richmond Partners with Forward Foundation

We are thrilled to announce a transformative partnership between the Junior League of Richmond (JLR) and the Forward Foundation. This collaboration is a testament to our shared mission of empowering women and fostering community impact.

The Junior League of Richmond, an organization committed to advancing women’s leadership for meaningful community impact, has generously granted a single payment of $30,000 to the Forward Foundation. The JLR’s grant will significantly increase the number of monthly childcare subsidies offered by the Forward Foundation, from 12 to 20. This support provides working, single parents experiencing financial crisis with peace of mind, knowing their children are properly cared for. It also offers them financial flexibility to save, pay down debt, or make necessary repairs.

Andrea Starr, CEO of Forward Foundation VA, expressed her gratitude for the partnership, stating, “Being able to collaborate with the Junior League of Richmond has been an immense blessing for our families. The JLR’s hands-on, intentional, and thoughtful manner in which they are contributing to the empowerment of our families is truly transformational.”

This partnership provides not only a beacon of hope for single parent families, but offers tangible solutions from a community who cares deeply about their success.

Together, we can navigate life’s challenges as a community with strength, perseverance, persistence, and purposefulness.