Moments of Gratitude

As we all take a little time to reflect on our personal journey over the past year, I’d like to share a few moments of gratitude with you.

I’m grateful that you’ve become part of the Forward Foundation Family.

I’m grateful that we’ve been able to offer support and comfort to you and your family during a very difficult time in your life.

I’m grateful for all of the amazing partners and volunteers that have made our programs possible.

May you continue to move forward with kindness, hope, and joy in 2022.

With warm regards,

Executive Director/CEO

A Year in Review


Filming the Forward Foundation
Virtual Gala at the Hanover Tavern


Hiking at Pocahontas State Park


Fun Family Pool Party


Catching a Flying Squirrels Game


Single Father’s Program Kick Off                


Dinner at the Grapevine for Single Dads

Finding Joy in the Holidays

The holidays are about finding joy. Joy in the small moments – hanging ornaments on the tree – and joy in the big ones – seeing the look on a child’s face on Christmas morning.

It’s important not to let all the rush and activity steal your joy. We love iMoms’s toolkit of cherishing the holidays without losing yourself or your sanity.

Looking to make Christmas magical on a budget? Check out Save Time and Money This Christmas: 12 Tips for Online Shopping

Worried the kids will drive you crazy over Christmas Break? Then 10 Ways to Enjoy Your Kids During Christmas Vacation is for you.

If your child won’t be with you as much as you’d like over the holidays, take the time to plan things you can look forward to with 9 Things You Should Do When Your Kids Aren’t Home.

No matter what, we want you to know that just being you is more than enough. It’s the gift your kids are truly thankful for this year. We look forward to sharing more tips on Facebook and Instagram that will help you enjoy the season. Happy Holidays!

Welcoming Dads to the Forward Foundation Family

Nearly 19 million American children are being raised by single parents — that’s moms and dads. In fact, 3.23 million children are living with single fathers in America, and that number is increasing every day.

That’s why we’ve expanded to support working, single parents and their children. We are excited about putting together programming geared specifically to the challenges faced by single fathers.

Having a safe place to be vulnerable, understood and supported by others going through similar circumstances is crucial not only to a dad’s mental wellbeing, but to their children as well.

Because when the parent feels supported, they can better support the needs of their children.

We welcomed our first group of dads to the Forward Foundation family at our Axes and Allies event at The Virginia Axe Company. You’ll see more Forward Foundation programs providing single dads with community support and resources geared specifically towards their challenges.

If you know a dad facing the challenges of single parenthood, let him know that he’s not alone. Reach out to us at for more information on our new programs for single fathers.

Supporting What You Need, When It Works For You

Solo parenting puts all of the stress on you. Classes growing up weren’t designed to teach you how to handle these situations. But now that it’s become a reality, those feelings of being overwhelmed, exhausted and isolated are bombarding you.

Being a single parent is hard!

Know that you’re not alone, and we’re here to help with support that gives you tools to manage life’s challenges.

We are excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Susan Townsend Holt Family Life Coach LLC to offer evening family coaching sessions for our parents and their children. Parents received practical support and asked our subject matter expert questions from the comfort of their home while kids did their homework and played in the same room.

Our support programs are designed to work for you and your family’s schedule. Because your life’s balance and joy matter to Forward Foundation.

Reach out to us at to find out which coaching sessions we’ll be offering next.

Strength Comes From A Community: How Forward Foundation Can Help You

Strength comes from many places. It comes from within and from the support of others. When you have a community that cares, you can move forward and focus on what matters most.

Finding herself alone and struggling, Stephanie dropped out of high school to work and care for her siblings. But that wasn’t how she wanted her story to go.

Now Stephanie is making a difference for families by teaching financial literacy programs like the ones offered by Forward Foundation. Because when your foundation is strong, you can build beautiful things.

Raising a family on your own is one of the most challenging things you can do, but you don’t have to do it alone. Reach out to us to find out how our community of caring can help you with childcare assistance, personal and professional education and peer support.