The 2023 Celebratory Gala – What is it? How can I help?

You step into the ballroom at the Acca Shriners center and are transported to a place of fun and whimsy. This year’s Gala will be no exception, and we can’t wait to celebrate the many milestones reached and the promising year ahead for the Forward Foundation.

Some of you will come as current parents in the program and experience an outpouring of the love and support of the entire Forward Foundation Community for the first time, while others will be there to support an organization they love and appreciate.

No matter the reason, we hope you’ll join us on Saturday, February 25th.

How did the Gala get started?
The inception of our annual celebratory gala began on February 29, 2020. Our introductory gala was a really BIG deal because it was the official launch of our rebranding from The Sophie House to Forward Foundation. The gala was our opportunity to gather everyone together and celebrate their contributions in making Forward Foundation a reality. Everyone involved including our families, donors, community partners, and board members who had worked so diligently behind the scenes now had the chance to meet one another firsthand. The immense impact that had on everyone involved was palpable.

How does the Gala support our parents?
Forward Foundation hosts two large fundraisers each year, our Annual Celebratory Gala and our GO FORWARD TOGETHER Ride. The gala is our largest fundraiser and the main revenue source for our program funding each year. The money raised goes to support our families with childcare subsidies, financial education, parenting coaching, career advancement opportunities, and mental health support. The revenue raised also funds our community events such as healthy meal prep workshops, outings, holiday activities, picnics, and so much more. Without this funding support our programming wouldn’t be possible.

How can someone get involved to help?
Anyone can attend the event! Tickets are available at

There are a multitude of different ways for individuals or organizations to become involved in supporting the Forward Foundation. Anyone interested in getting involved can reach out via our website and submit a volunteer sign up form.

Volunteer opportunities consist of various ways to be involved, such as leading a workshop, serving as an advisory committee member, hosting an event for our families, holding a fundraiser, offering mentorship and more.